When is the right time to hire tech freelancers?

It can be a challenge to gather the best team on your side when it comes to the IT industry. So the first thing you need to do before starting to look for the perfect tech freelancers is to lay the right foundation. In other words, CTOs should have a clear idea of what they need to do for each project and when it will allow them to hire the right people for the job.

Goals and deadlines are the footings upon which will help you to consider hiring a quality freelancer. Whether you need to find a freelance tech professional or a full-time employee depends largely on the current needs of your business.

Companies tend to hire tech freelancers

According to Forbes, the pandemic has created a greater need for tech experts that do freelance work, so it’s possible to say this demand is a constant.

It is a fact that tech companies are increasingly hiring more IT freelancers to meet job requirements rather than full-time employees, as the former doesn’t necessarily have fixed costs.

This means that you can hire freelancers at a lower cost instead of hiring full-time people for tasks like:

  • Software engineering;
  • Product and graphic design;
  • Data science;
  • Web develop;
  • Project management;
  • Content writing;
  • Many others.

Businesses are hiring freelancers as a timely resource to fill skill gaps on teams. Interestingly, there are many technology companies that target this kind of work. With the changing times and the rise of freelance talent lately, companies are choosing to outsource IT work to these professionals.

It’s been a great solution from start-up to enterprise, and growing teams are finding ways to hire temporary freelancers to help with heavy understaffed projects.

Hired tech freelancers do integrate the team

Even when total budgets are approved, freelancers are useful for moving projects forward and facilitating a multitasking team as full-time research progresses. Sometimes a good strategy is to use freelance IT workers to promote projects and find the perfect full-time employee.

When to hire tech freelancers?

While there are plenty of professionals available to choose from, hiring the right tech freelancer for your start-up can be tricky. The best moment to add to your team a freelancer remotely is when your business is ready to reach its full potential.

One of the main benefits of hiring a remote freelancer is greater financial flexibility. Because turning to IT freelancers is often cheaper than hiring full-time employees, small – and even large – businesses frequently outsource important but short-term tasks, such as mentioned above.

If you decide to hire in your company, you must provide the necessary tools such as powerful computers; while if you outsource the work to a freelancer who specializes in this field, including abroad, you will pay less of the costs.

As a result, you will know whether you need a long-term partnership or a one-time project, whether you want to hire a full-time freelancer or lay the foundation for a team.

How long does it take to hire tech freelancers?

With employment services that allow you to search for a freelancer with the skills, your project needs, getting the right match is often much faster than expected.

If on the one hand, the process of hiring a full-time employee can take months, on the other, finding and hiring freelancers often takes a matter of days – no more than 48 hours to be precise.

Many companies are looking for developers, engineers, designers and so many other professionals in several freelance marketplaces or even on LinkedIn. However, this hiring process cannot be done aimlessly, there has to be a way to vet and select the right professionals.

IT freelancers save time and resources

As CTOs have no time to lose, they should rely on companies such as Casana that were specifically created to connect them with the right tech freelancers. In other words, a business that finds the right members to be a part of your temporary team.

Start-ups and small businesses have traditionally hired freelancers to work on short-term, temporary projects that owners and their employees don’t have time to complete on their own. Hiring has now changed as companies can perfectly integrate freelancers into their core business strategies.

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