Learn how to onboard tech freelancers

How to onboard tech freelancers with speed and quality

When thinking about bringing new talent to the team, it doesn’t have to be a complicated and demanding process to onboard tech freelancers. In fact, when it comes to IT freelancers or full-time team members, it’s essential to integrate every person who’s a part of your company’s projects.

When you decide to add freelancers to your dev team and other areas – not only technology – it’s the leader’s responsibility to make senior team members aware that they will need to take some time to update new developers and professionals from other expertises.

How to onboard tech freelancers

The first suggestion we can make to onboard tech freelancers is to involve them as early as possible in the process, that is, in what the company does and how they’ll be contributing to it. This will help them to get a full onboarding experience and have enough historical context to contribute new ideas.

In other words, a freelancer or independent contractor will get up faster if they understand what your business is about and what your business goals are. Since self-employed workers make up a large proportion of the working population, companies need to develop better onboarding systems for freelancers.

Below, we are going to share with you an onboarding checklist to attract freelancers, independent contractors, and remote workers in a short period of time.

1. Make introductions

Everyone should be introduced when starting a new job, even if they are not a full-time part of the team. For freelancers, an introduction gives them status, which helps them gain respect on your team.

Introductions help to onboard tech freelancers
Introductions help onboard tech freelancers

This is one of the first steps to building relationships and creating bolds, which is crucial for feeling part of a project. Establishing relationships with freelancers makes them familiar with your business’s industry and, from your company’s perspective, it makes you more able to turn to and trust them quickly.

To onboard tech freelancers, make goals clear

On that note, clearly explain why the company needs freelancers, what internal employees should expect from working with them, and what the desired outcomes of projects should be. It’s always good to know the right time to hire freelancers because that time can certainly come.

2. Give useful and sincere feedback

Another important part of onboarding is making new people aligned with the company’s expectations. 

Once an IT freelancer has completed their first milestone, it’s helpful to provide them with detailed feedback, so they can better understand your needs and deliver timely and valuable work. Encourage freelancers to ask questions and provide open answers.

On our resources page, we have a free guide for 1:1 and feedback meetings that may be useful to leaders and CTOs.

3. Have guides prepared for tech freelancers

In a couple of hours, you can set up an onboarding process, having in mind that, in order for freelancers to truly integrate into your team and make a real impact, they need to understand what your culture is and how to succeed in it.

Guides help to quickly onboard tech freelancers
Having guides help to quickly onboard tech freelancers

That being the case, when you have regular IT freelancers working with your team, it’s a good idea to provide them with an editorial style guide, as well as take the time to write job summaries, and set up a process for effective communication.

Even though freelancers may only work on projects for short periods of time, they are valuable team members and can help a company learn and grow. Moreover, they can help your business save costs.

On a side note, your company can learn from other businesses’ experiences, so you may find some important cases we added to our page.

Be prepared to onboard tech freelancers

Managing a freelancer may not be the same as managing a full-time employee or an agency. On the employer side, hiring freelancers can help fill gaps in skills and competencies without the need to go on a long hiring process for a full-time employee.

By making simple preparations and treating tech freelancers as part of a team, companies can get more out of contract workers and help both parties maximize the value of the partnership.

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