Cases and free resources

Our marketing, product, and customer success teams are always compiling real-world cases of innovative projects, companies, and solutions made by our community of top-notch freelancers. 


Free guide: Save Costs When Building Digital Products

The tug of war between budget and quality thus begs the question: what best practices are out there to ease the pains of digital product development?


Success Case:ENPAL - End-to-End Supply Chain Management Solution

How Enpal built custom software with Casana to
increase its supply chain visibility


Success Case: Hacking Operational Efficiency

How a Casana freelance developer built an app and boosted efficiency by 200%


Success Case: Unlocking Sales Lead Qualification

How a Casana Product Owner gave our client a 6-figure revenue boost by rethinking their sales process


Free guide: feedback and 1x1 check list for CTOs and tech leads

How do I effectively give high-quality feedback? How to conduct 1×1 meetings? And if it gets weird, how do I do it? How do I provide a critical discussion moment? Tech Leads, CTOs, product managers, and other technology professionals have these questions almost daily.

We’ve prepared a very high-level 1×1 and feedback guide to help you with these challenges practical and agile.


Free guide: 50 tech events to attend in 2022 ​

Germany, Austria, and Switzerland list. Access it now, for free.
The universe of technology is not only about technical and practical skills but also about connecting and networking. That is why events in the tech world are fantastic opportunities for all the experts out there!