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UI / UX Design

Customer understanding through UI/UX workshops and building a consistent brand

Express the values of your company in your design

A professional, uniform appearance is the basis for a distinctive identity and recognition values. We work precisely and stylistically confidently and thus strengthen your brand sustainably. With a logo and coordinated application scenarios, suitable fonts, a clear visual language and graphic components for digital and analog applications, we define an innovative and convincing appearance for you, from which all future marketing measures will benefit.

Prüfung der Benutzerfreundlichkeit

Usability testing refers to the evaluation of a product or service through tests with representative users. During a test, participants usually try to complete typical tasks while observers watch, listen and take notes. The aim is to identify any usability problems, collect qualitative and quantitative data and determine the participants’ satisfaction with the product.

To conduct an effective usability test, you need to develop a solid test plan, recruit participants and then analyze and report your results.

Why is usability testing important?

Detecting problems

Taking advantage of opportunities

Learning from users

Do you need a new design?

What can Casana offer?

Your digital identity determines how you will look to your potential customers online, because the first impression in particular influences the buying decision. Our renowned UI/ UX designers will help you to design your online presence or your entire brand presence according to your ideas and wishes.

Through interactive workshops with you and with the help of state-of-the-art design processes, our experts create everything that is important for your online presence, taking into account that it embodies the values and ambitions of your company.

This begins with the style guide, which embodies your brand identity uniformly from the color selection, font and logo to the buttons on your website. In addition, taking into account the customer journey, we make sure that all customer interfaces not only look good, but are also intuitively usable and interactive. Thus we guarantee not only appealing designs but also best functionality and increase the customer experience on your web and app interfaces.

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