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Data & Analytics Services

Optimization of business processes, aggregation and evaluation of data

How can you use your data?

Data Analysis

Discover what data you have in your company and what connections there are between them.

BI Platform

With our BI system solutions, your company will see what influence data has on processes and how you can improve the workflow.

Forecast Analytics

Discover and use the patterns contained in the data to identify risks and opportunities.

Big Data as a Service

Managing and evaluating large amounts of data is better than hiring internal employees for these tasks.

Do you want to know more about your data?

What can Casana offer?

No matter whether you already have a concrete idea of the desired solution or have just discovered a new data source, our experts first take a close look at your initial situation. Depending on your requirements, we can implement customized and user-friendly dashboards or automated data flows for you to quickly and efficiently derive useful insights from the data jungle.

In addition to collecting and aggregating data, we are also happy to support you in the evaluation! The transformation of large amounts of data into a basis for decision-making is part of the daily business of our experts.

These topics could be exciting for you: