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Web/Mobile-App Development

Full-stack development of a product idea with app or web interface

Responsive Web App vs. Cross-Plattform Mobile App

Web applications are developed as websites using a combination of HTML5 and JavaScript. These websites are later wrapped in an invisible native WebView container. Some are created using technologies like ReactJS and Vue.js. When you think about a web application, imagine a website that is transformed into a mobile application.

Cross-platform applications are easier to develop than native applications, and portions of their code can be shared across platforms. The advantage of cross-platform applications over web applications is that they are in direct contact with the mobile operating system. They are typically developed using Flutter or React Native. However, direct access to the operating system does not mean that you have full control over everything it has to offer.

What are the most common webapp frameworks and how do they differ?



  • Good integrations
  • Small memory size
  • Scalable
  • Extensively documented


  • Young Framework
  • Can be too flexible



  • Easy to learn
  • Very fast
  • Code Reusable
  • Server-side rendering


  • Allows bad code
  • May confuse at first



  • Good Typescript support
  • Most mature framework
  • Own extensions
  • Minimized risk of error


  • Steep learning curve
  • Relatively Slow

What are the most common Cross-Platform Mobile Frameworks and how do they differ?



  • Easy to learn
  • Selection of components
  • Angular und Vue.js Support


  • No complex graphics
  • Worse performance

React Native


  • Fast to develop
  • Based on JavaScript
  • Largest Community


  • Often requires 3rd party components



  • Best Performance
  • Emerging Framework
  • Own extensions


  • New programming language

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