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Price Monitoring & PIM Integration

Keep track of your competitor prices with ease

One of the key ways of staying on top of the competition is to make smart use of price comparison websites. For most consumers it is a means to find the best offer, while businesses use it to compare their prices against the market benchmark. Casana provides you with the opportunity to monitor these changes in competitor offerings, adjust your prices accordingly and ultimately – stay atop of price comparison websites.


Manual price tracking implies redundancy and lost potential in terms of both – internal efficiency and market competitiveness.

Wasted resources

The significant use of time and resources involved in manual price updates limit the scope and effectiveness of the process.

Slow to adapt

Frequent changes in competitor pricing makes it difficult to keep your prices up-to-date. Such delays result in lost sales and lower revenues.

Solution – automated price monitoring & PIM integration

While manual gathering of pricing data proves to be non-scalable and wasteful, automated solutions combat these challenges by making use of of website crawlers and data pipelines to eliminate any redundant processes. Such a pricing intelligence solution, tailored to your strategy and existing systems, enables rapid data exchange and keeps you at the top of price comparison websites.


Casana together with experienced PIM system and pricing tool experts provides an analysis of your current processes and builds a custom solution to fit your individual pricing strategy.

Integrated within your existing systems

Automated data synchronization

Improved overview of your market

Minimal time and effort spent by employees

Desired position on pricing comparison websites

Boosted sales and conversion

Casana process

3 steps to an individual price tracking solution

Defining the problem

We understand your needs and the systems involved. Casana’s Product Owner will advise you on mapping the process and using IT modules and services.

Project scoping

Once the problem is defined, next up is the technical project scoping. A solution from our existing library is selected and necessary implementation resources are determined.


Depending on whether a solution has to be developed in-house or purchased and configured – Casana will put together a cost-effective offer for a sustainable solution.

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