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MDR conformant platform – be in tune with all your markets

MDR conformant platform – be in tune with all your markets

In highly regulated industries, like pharmaceuticals and med-tech, compliance takes center stage in a company s operations. We hope to rid you of the burden of long exchanges between employees and automate the process of staying up-to-date across international markets.

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Get the needed security without waiting for third party updates.

Why businesses seek

Compliance solutions

With the EU launching its Medical Device Directive and other regulations changing by the day, firms are looking to increase their marketing compliance and transparency by automating product information management (PIM) processes.

Tiresome back-and-forths

Having to engage in long email exchanges with other staff to get necessary information is not only exhausting, but prone to errors

Lengthy time-to-market

Manual marketing compliance takes time, and when pushing a product to market – every minute counts to stay ahead.

Limited functions within current systems

Even with a PIM system in place, companies are often unhappy with the limited features – with no backtracking options for audits or ability to ernich product data for marketing.

Why businesses choose

PIM automation platforms

With a number of PIM tools on the market, many get confused. Nonetheless, more and more companies are opting for a custom compliance solution – integrated into their current setup.

  • Don’t worry about adjusting to something totally new – keep your existing system.
  • Keep your budget in check and your features tailored to your business needs. No overpaying for unnecessary out of the box features.
  • All your product updates and market specifics in one place. No need to extract data from different sources to create multiple docs for each item.

How can businesses


With many adjustments across international markets and each department having different needs, a custom content platform can help your business be in the loop. 

Stay on top of market news

Custom content platforms that are interlinked with your PIM system allow you to keep your product information up-to-date for each market.

Assign special read & write rights

Allow compliance staff to enter updates or give access to marketers for enriching data to shorten your road from product development to market entry.

Track back

Facilitate an efficient and MDR compliant audit process by having all your product information and adjustment history on hand.

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MDR conformant platform – be in tune with all your markets

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