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Connecting you with the right project

Top clients

Our clients are fast-growing German startups: Build exciting solutions with cutting-edge technologies.

Long term relationships

Our strong vetting system leads to longer projects and extensions, so you can continue to focus on building.

Above average incoming

The German market is mature and dynamic, with lucrative price points.


We foster knowledge-sharing sessions and offer chances for you to learn from each other.

How we get you the perfect project

Only candidates who pass every vetting stage are admitted to Casana’s freelancer pool (top 3%). You will be now considered for projects with really interesting European tech companies on a continuous basis.

1. Apply and test your skills

We go deep on your seniority, project experience, and reviews (if available). Candidates must reach a minimum score on an online test to reach a fit interview. We evaluate each candidate’s language, technical skills, and self-presentation ability.

2. Join our community

Only candidates who pass every vetting stage are admitted to Casana’s freelancer pool (top 3%). You will be now considered for projects with really interesting European tech companies. Besides technical skills, we always try to match other abilities before sharing your profile. 

3. Be connected with great projects


We have a highly engaged community, with our slack group, newsletter and learning and sharing sessions. Besides that, we pay them fairly and at the right time. And, of course, we match them with outstanding projects.

"Casana continually matches me with projects that are both challenging and a great fit for my technical skill set - best matching I’ve seen so far!”

Alexey Sr. Frontend Developer

“My colleagues at Casana are of the highest calibre when it comes to technical know-how.”

Stanislav Sr. Frontend Developer

“Casana’s streamlined interview & onboarding process was one of the best I’ve seen in the freelancing industry.”

Santiago Salesforce Marketing Cloud Expert

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    What Our Clients Say About Us

    From startups to big corporations, we’ve been helping our clients to solve the talents war out there. And they recognize us for this hand.

    Benedikt Sauter

    Founder and CEO at Xentral

    “As a rapidly growing SaaS startup, we enjoyed being able to scale our dev team as quickly with Casana’s top-notch freelancers. The collaboration is great and their developers integrated well with our existing staff allowing us to deliver significantly faster.”

    Mikkel Munk Jensen

    Head of CRM at McMakler

    “Casana’s freelancer Santiago has delivered value from day 1. He has quickly onboarded to the team and was working independently delivering a core project for us. His communication was great - I always knew what was going on and things were delivered on time.”

    Dr. Gerhard Koch

    CTO at Enpal

    “Casana has become our trusted technology partner. They add tremendous value to Enpal by consistently matching us with top-quality freelancers and by enabling us to focus on building our core business due to having the right experts on the right job at the right time.”

    Frequently Asked Question

    Our rigorous in-house vetting process assesses freelancers from multiple angles to ensure quality. The vetting process consists of an online coding test, a fit interview, and a technical interview.

    Less than 3% of applicants become part of our pool, allowing you to work with top experts in their field.

    We have a simple and easy contract format that protects you, the client, and Casana. We are responsive at every stage and have a team trained to make every step of the process complete smoothly, safely, and fluidly.

    You will get paid once per month, after the period of working (full or pro rata) with our client:
    ● Submit your invoice by the 1st and get paid on the 15th OR
    ● Submit your invoice by the 10th and get paid on the 22nd


    We pay through wire transfer. 🙂

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